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produit silent knite

Drug coating are harder and tougher, and terefoe a higher pressure is needed to crush them...

Discover the tablet shredder SILENT KNIGHT®

  • Easy to use : The drug is put into a polyethylene bag. The Pills are ground into fine powder at the very pressure on the “SILENT KNIGHT®”.
  • Hygiene and safety : Any risk of contamination and dosage error is eliminated. The “SILENT KNIGHT®” does not requier any cleaning or sterilization.
  • Ergonomics : The handle offers a good grip and the crushing mechanism is effortlessly activated, wich avoids pain in the shoulders and upper limbs.
  • Economical : As the drug is crushed within the bag, there is no loss of product.
  • Silent and effective : Due to its completely silent mechanism, “SILENT KNIGHT®” can be used at your patient’s bedsides. No battery, no power source is needed.
  • Lifetime guarantee : This model, made from aluminium alloy, is 27cm long, 8cm wide, and 12cm height.